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July 28, 2010


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Nia Fowler-Galloway

Hazing is stupid because if you really want the best on your team then you just need to leave the craziness alone and just treat your team mates right. When you have loyalty then that gives you an edge no other team has.

Moni Short

Hazing has a limit, as does everything. Hazing is way to feel like you belong cuz you worked to get were you are. but when it becomes physical, its no longer funny or a rite of passage. its the day you fear. its the thing you dread. and its the thing you go through to be a part of this thing so exclusive that this is necessary.

Diamond Cumbo

i agree. i feel hazing is done by people who have either low self eestems or a bad childhood.
- diamond cumbo

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I concur, I feel right of passage is finished by folks who have either level self regard or a grave youth.

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