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August 2, 2011


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Great job, young sir!

I'm 27 with a Master's, so I fit an even smaller demographic. And it shows when you drive around our city. If we had a city full of educated, inspired, politically active young people--we would have the same prestige that Manhattan does.

Luckily, we've got good writers like you all on this blog who are making a difference. All of a sudden, I feel more hopeful about the future.

Gregory Jordan

While the post contains nothing surprising, the lack of surprise should trouble everyone. A college degree is a minimum necessary to productively function in the economy today. When a youth drops out of high school, he or she wastes an opportunity to provide for the common good along with the chance to succeed in the evolving world.

Angela Caputo

Great point about how cutting "extras" impacts student engagement and attendance.

If you look closely at Chicago's best performing public schools they actually have a lot more of these "extras" -- art classes, athletic programs, technology labs, librarians, the list goes on.. -- than many private schools do.

And when CPS cuts into the budget they are miraculously spared. On paper, the schools have equitable funding. But any observer can see that's not reality.

Maybe this has something to do with the achievement gap?

Nia Fowler-Galloway

Love the article keep shedding light on this topic I think it's important that people take their education seriously because soon working a microwave will need a degree in something!? Lol love have the blog is moving everyone!

Rebecca Ward

We need more young voices like yourself. I think one voice that is often left out of education discussions is that of the student. Decisions are made that directly affect you, but without hearing your point of view. Keep writing!

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There are lot of reasons why students opted to be a school drop out. But I must say that poverty is THE REAL MAIN THING why this dilemma continue to happen.

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Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one


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